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Eda Soylu’s works dwell on the concepts of longing and belonging, focusing on the relationship of the individual and the collective memory. Soylu works with a variety of mediums with a focus on installation. She specifically works with found objects embodying the accumulated layers of the self and the society. Through the use of these objects, she thoroughly examines the way the individual and the collective memory works, how they affect and shape each other. There is a subtle duality in her approach. This duality is the foundation of her work. She not only transforms the evidences of violence into colorful, light and flawless objects, but also turns the objects of sorrow and void into ones that are endurable. As memory consists of forgetting as well as remembering, she incorporates the degrees of silence in order to fully embody empathy and compassion in their purest forms. Therefore palimpsestic approach becomes of the utmost importance in Soylu’s works.


Eda Soylu (b. 1990, Istanbul) was graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD’13, Painting). In 2012, she was selected to take part in the European Honors Program in Rome. Her works have been shown in various shows in Turkey, Italy, Germany, Dubai and the United States.

She currently lives and works in Istanbul.


Selected Solo Exhibitions 


Color Blocks For Adults, 2021, Ferda Art Platform, Istanbul, Turkey

Memory Objects, 2020, Goethe Institut, Istanbul, Turkey

Injured Moments, 2019, Barın Han, Istanbul, Turkey

Remnants From My Grandmother’s House, 2018, Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey

Constructing The House Anew, 2016, Gallery Khas, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey

“Not Being Forgotten, How strange!”, 2014, Berlin Art Projects, Istanbul, Turkey 


Selected Group Exhibitions 

Look Up - Starry Horizon of Limited Geographies, 2022, Beet Depot, Bursa, Turkey

Witness, Ferda Art Platform, 2022, Istanbul, Turkey

The Incident of Art / The Art of Incident, 2016, Akbank Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey 

Recharged Reality, 2015, Berlin Art Projects, Berlin, Germany

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